Welcome to our new board representatives who will serve three-year terms to expire 2017. First Congressional District Janet Evans Investment Manager Vice ... myASTATE - New Board Members 17.09.2016 07:20:25 http://www.astatealumni.org/s/1531/social.aspx?sid=1531&gid=1&pgid=558

LICENSE2HOWL SCHOLARSHIP Entering Freshman Awards for those entering A-State in Fall 2017 AMOUNT AND TERM OF AWARD 5 000 per academic year 2 500 per ... myASTATE - License2HOWL Scholarship - Freshmen 17.09.2016 07:20:25 http://www.astatealumni.org/s/1531/social.aspx?sid=1531&gid=1&pgid=498

1909 Society members are recent graduates who make a one-time gift of 19.09 to support the 1909 Society scholarship a 1 000 award given to an ... myASTATE - 1909 Society 17.09.2016 07:20:24 http://www.astatealumni.org/s/1531/social.aspx?sid=1531&gid=1&pgid=451

S-TAC Scholarship Presented by Strong-Turner Alumni Chapter AMOUNT AND TERM OF AWARD Partial tuition for one academic year with a minimum award of 500 ... S-TAC Scholarship Presented by Strong-Turner Alumni Chapter 17.09.2016 07:20:24 http://www.astatealumni.org/s/1531/images/editor_documents/s-tacscholarshipapp2014.pdf

A Torchbearer is a faculty or staff member current or retired who gives 50 or more annually to the ASU Foundation. The annual campaign takes place in ... myASTATE - Torchbearers 17.09.2016 07:20:24 http://www.astatealumni.org/s/1531/start.aspx?sid=1531&gid=1&pgid=400

This Alcohol Addendum is entered into between the Arkansas State University Alumni Association Inc. a non-profit Arkansas Corporation hereinafter ... myASTATE - Alcohol Addendum - Sample 17.09.2016 07:20:24 http://www.astatealumni.org/s/1531/social.aspx?sid=1531&gid=1&pgid=386

HOWL s Journey available now ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY CLICK HERE . NEW For children grandchildren and Red Wolves fans of all ages. myASTATE - Howl s Journey 17.09.2016 07:20:24 http://www.astatealumni.org/s/1531/social.aspx?sid=1531&gid=1&pgid=393

Rooms available. There are so many options at the Cooper Alumni Center for all size groups in a private comfortable atmosphere. Picture your event in one ... myASTATE - Event Space for Rent 17.09.2016 07:20:24 http://www.astatealumni.org/s/1531/social.aspx?sid=1531&gid=1&pgid=462